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22 December 2007

Life's changing

Mine, I mean.
Today I begin to work on something new, completely different from all what I have done and had until now. And this new aim deserves all my care and seriousness.

From today priorities will change, and past will be just what brought me to light, nothing more than this, nevermore some kind of security blanket to wrap myself in: Linus grows up in real life.

Somehow I feel I don't belong to this place anymore, like i were a snow flake falling in july. But here I have too many real unforgettable and priceless friends and i don't wanna lose them only because my life's getting more concrete than in the previous 3 long years: as i have often said, love is virtual: you can't touch it, you can't smell it, you can only feel it.

So, eventually, i wont vanish, at all, and this little page and story of me that will change a bit, will continue to be the indissoluble link with you, who came here reading, watching, talking... and teaching me that what's important is invisible to the eyes.

Take care and drop me a line every once in a while.

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