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31 January 2008


Ho conosciuto superficialmente Pietro Fumi. Incontrato in occasione di sporadiche vertenze sindacali: lui rappresentante di Federmanager, io di Confindustria. Occasioni in cui sarebbe potuto nascere facilmente un diverbio, ma che puntualmente, invece, si concludevano con una delle sue ricette spiegate col fascino della favola.

La sua scomparsa mi ha sorpreso e rattristato al punto che mi sono interrogato su dove abbia avuto origine questa malinconia. Con Pietro Fumi, mi sono risposto, non se ne e’ andato solo un uomo, ma e’ scomparso un pezzetto di Piacenza: di quella parte di tradizione ancora incontaminata che ci lega alla nostra terra, come fosse il Gotico od il dialetto o quei pisarei di cui Pietro raccontava le avventure.

Per tutto questo grazie a Liberta’ e Teleliberta’ che hanno saputo dare ad un uomo semplice il valore e l’attenzione che di solito si attribuiscono ai pochi: piu’ ricchi ed importanti, ma non d’animo ne’ di sapore com’era Pietro.

26 January 2008

Home sweet home

The sunrise as much orange as the juice and the coffee, black and sugar-free.

The day starts with this warm kiss of the sun still sleepy but there, with u, in that small groovy kitchen...

From upstairs the iPod strews notes around: from the living room still empty of life to the tv-house with no actors and scenes yet. There is still so much to do, but when u get urself in the elevator ahh, nothing's like home, whatever it's lacking in.


16 January 2008

The Pope and the goats

What a shame. Again few stupids who think to have the right to talk for all those who have the decency to remain silent, throw the entire Italy's people in the mud of shame.

With their dusty ideals as much rotten as their clothes, they just showed once again how much their culture is deeply corrupted, relativistic and intolerant.

U should understand that if u talk in the silence, it doesnt mean that u can count on my voice as well! And if i dont come to contrast ur opinions in the public square, is just coz i consider them so poor and meaningless that they dont even deserve any reaction.

Goats, have a nice talk with Mussi and Veltroni: beautiful minds!

13 January 2008

Into the white

So much snow fallen that the lift to Tonale, like the road, had to remain closed. Silly skiers got sutck in the few pistes of Ponte di Legno facing snow-walls they would have loved to dodge.

At the end the first fresh snow, in a spring shaped day, had the usual tutti-frutti flavour: sweet and wilde, with some kind of melancholic aftertaste. I got to much fun to stop and shoot.

01 January 2008


I still can't be excited by the change of the year.
Like fireworks, everything repeats itself like the previous time: a boring, annoying waiting for nothing.
I still can't stand this waste of fake happiness sold in a bottle of sparkling wine.

But, at the end, is nice to wish, to whom deserves ur affection, a happy new joyful new year ;)