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20 February 2008

Lost in peace

The road that runs between the trees while the stars goe blind and the wind starts to sing. The forest that slowly swallows you sticking its teeth in your broken soul.

Or the city lights that fade voices as incomprehensible as noise, lost in some sin-place far away from home, lost into your thoughts, your memories, your tears of fear and melancholy.

Both running away and still looking for the ones you really care about, maybe with the memory, maybe using their little pic stored on your phone; hugging them virtually, maybe with a sms.

Loving what is impossible. Holding air into your fist. Listening at the stones. Smelling your dreams.

Ah all these useless priceless moments that make life concrete and tasty.

All this loneliness, so precious, so rich of emotions. So magic in its gone time.