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08 April 2008

La notte

Riabbraccio la notte,
muta compagna,
coperta di pizzo.
Il suo velo di seta
bacia le tempie,
conduce per mano
al grembo la mente.
In un letto sì grande
prende forma il suo corpo:
di sospiri si gonfiano i seni,
di desiderio gravida il ventre.
Una brina salata
sulla pelle si posa,
ne scaturisce tenue un profumo
morbido, come di rosa.
La brezza le dona voce,
prende forza, s’ingrossa,
si tramuta in canto.
S’affanna il soffio
arruffa i capelli,
sbatte, spinge
sotto le lenzuola s’insinua.
S’accappona la pelle,
scattano i tendini:
è una scossa d`amore!
in un palmo di mano,
nasce e poi muore.

    The night
    I hug the night again,
    dumb partner,
    covered with lace.
    Her silky veil
    kisses my head
    leads by the hand
    the mind to the lap.
    In a so big bed
    her body takes shape:
    sighs blown up the breast,
    desire make the belly pregnant.
    A salty frost
    lays down on the skin,
    out of it a light fragrance springs
    soft, like rose’s.
    The breeze gives her voice,
    it gets stronger, bigger,
    turns itself into canto.
    Troubles the whiff,
    ruffles hair,shakes, shoves
    under the sheets it slips.
    Flesh creeps,
    tendon leaps:
    it’s a love’s shock!
    in a palm of a hand
    its birth and death.


  1. something to what we are getting used, but still so special, and unbelievable good :*

  2. well, i was thinking when i am really alone and my bed will be too much big for my body :(

  3. miilu, but u just can pretend that we have argued, that i am down in bed, and sleep in divano ;)

  4. mmm... then that fancy would be worse than realty ahaha

  5. haha you are right, but you know just 7 nights and than again :"shakes, shoves" all the nights we have :))