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16 April 2008

The way they do it

They argued. Once again for few more than nothing.

He was deeply upset. Closed into his silence he was escaping from her look and her attempts to make peace. Like always.

On the sofa, she tried to kiss him, sweetly, kindly as she was used to be when he was mad coz of her errors. He dodged her lips with a movement of his head: he was waiting for a sorry, not for a damn kiss.

She sadly gave up with her aim leaving just a little kiss on his right shoulder.

«I’m going to take a shower», she said: maybe he would have made out a solution through his anger, in the meantime.

He left his eyes staring at the wall for all the time of her shower. White, clean, with no suggestions for him. The reasons he had for being mad were childish and stupid but he knew that if he didn’t react, they would have ruined even that night.

Am I really arguing for nothing more than a caprice? She left everything for me, why should I ask for other proofs?

He had to move on this little obstacle, go downstairs and just hugging her. He couldn’t let his stupid behaviours break their love. He had to go over his jealousy and stop worrying for bullshits and revenges.

He got in his mind all the path to settle down and get her happy, starting from wearing off his serious and broken-hearted look. For one second all the muscles of his face relaxed at once and everything appeared to him so clearly in its simplicity. He would have made peace, it was so damn easy!

«Teddy, it’s your turn for the shower» her voice, again sweet and calm. Like nothing important really happened between them.

Ok I will make peace after the shower he said to himself. The water will wash away any doubt, he deceived himself.

She went in bed exactly when he ended the shower. He took it too long, like he wasn’t used to do, delaying on washing his feet, contemplating the white foam over his sex.

I will give him time to digest this stupid thing and I wont bother him anymore tonight.

She slipped under the sheets, covering her head too. She didn’t want him to see her red eyes nor to see that nasty serious look of him.

He just saw her shape on the bed, under the plaid. The right moment was passed away.

Nobody said a word that night.

Another little step towards the failure, they both thought when the light was switched off.


  1. we have deleted also this step towards the failure, we will delete also all the others which future is preparing for us :) ti amo :*

  2. i hope future wont work too much on it hehe :* milu


  4. YUUP! :) It's me, why? :))