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28 September 2009

Granelli di sabbia

E' un silenzio violento che mi percuote,
crudele come la sete nel deserto,
un silenzio che odio,
che rompo col pianto disperato,
ma che poi, del resto,
รจ nulla davanti alle tue parole fredde senz'amore.

    Grains of sand

    It's a violent silence that strikes me,
    as much cruel as the thirst in the desert,
    a silence that I hate,
    that I break with desperate crying,
    but that besides,
    is nothing in front of your words, cold with no love.


  1. which arab land are you thinking about with the sand dunes?

  2. Deserts are something bigger than a single land or country, anyway north africa is where my deserts come from.