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28 February 2010

La cosa

Le tue parole sono inutili,
neanche le sento,
rimbalzano sulla crosta,
si schiantano sorde,
lontane dal cuore:
se non le leggessi,
nemmeno mi accorgerei che ci sei
e che ancora io sono.
Le carezze fanno la stessa fine
senza poter sfiorar la pelle
restano gesti insignificanti,
volenterosi, sì, ma inutili,
come tutte le mie promesse
e le lacrime che abbiamo condiviso.
Sono fatto di crosta,
di sangue raggrumato e duro
senza sensibilità nè tatto
e se provi ad andare in profondità
non farai altro che farmi sanguinare

    The Thing

    Your words are useless,
    I don't even hear them
    they bounce on the scab,
    they crash dull,
    afar from the heart:
    if I didn't read them
    I wouldn't even notice that you are still there
    and what still i am.
    The caresses come to the same end
    without grazing the skin
    they remain meaningless waves,
    keen, yes, but useless
    like all my promises
    and the tears we have shared.
    I'm made of crust,
    of hard and coagulated blood
    with no sensitiveness nor tact
    and if you try to go deeper
    you won't do but make me bleed

25 February 2010


Eventually it gets warm and blue and I feel like it's time to go and wait for the healing.
It's like I've lost familiarity with the sun and I already miss the fog blurring the world and deceiving the eyes and their wet feeling.
Isn't too early for this?

09 February 2010

Every end is a new beginning

If 2009 ended like this, 2010 began like this.
And once again pictures are beautiful, but they can't tell everything at all.