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20 June 2010


I want you out of here: out!


  1. You try to deny the truth and reality. That’s hopeless.

  2. I don't know what truth and reality are anymore

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  4. There is no wisdom in love, this is why it is so amazing, Mariella.

  5. „love“ is the most abused term. sometimes we say “i love you”, and behind this sentence is “i’m needy, please love me”.
    it’sa lack, a shortcoming, and has nothing to do with real love, more likely with dependency.
    love must come from our inner power, strength, self-esteem, our independence.
    the grand price is, to be happy alone with oneself. to be alone in peace starts, when loneliness is overcome.
    i think, that’s the secret. in case, in this perfect situation the prince or the princess comes, so what, we can take the consolation price too, but it lost his power and becomes unimportant. rejection becomes unimportant, coz u’r in u’r power. u’r know who u ‘r, and how great u ‘r. dunnot know, if u catch, what i mean.
    just can u write some words, my own experience, coz i want to help u and comfort u, want u to see happy, but I feel so helpless in u’r case  love & hugs

  6. I donno about being happy with oneself... isnt it a bit selfish? Eventually love is to give without asking anything in return, and we need someone else in order to give.
    And even in the huge loneliness i discovered that nothing is worth if it's not shared: look at u and how much love u put in ur work, u r not lonely at all. And u r not helpless either.

  7. well, amazing dear, how u opening my eyes  pls tell me, how i can comfort u!

  8. There is no other way to comfort some lover's heart that doesn't belong to their beloved one.
    but thx for wiping tears, this friends can always do :)