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19 March 2011

The ghost who lives in the mountains house

I didn't expect to remain alone for long in the mountains house. In fact, as soon as i laid on the bed the ghost appeared.
He was hiding himself in the shade: black and long like a hair.

How's the travel been?

When he speaks the windows quiver slapped by the wind. The same does my heart, his voice is so powerful even if he simply whispers.

Fine thx.
You still driving in the middle of two lanes?
What do you think?

He never scared me. He never hit or acted evil with me.

What about you?
I'm dead, you know.
Yes, i've heard. Can i do something fot you?
No you can't.

The house was cold, i forgot to call to get the heating on. I took a couple of heavy quilts.

I've been missing you a lot, you know?
, he replies, and fades away.

I close my eyes and try to sleep.

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